The English Fluency Club

Get regular English speaking in small groups!

At intermediate and above levels, it can be hard to find regular opportunities to speak English.

But this is essential if you want to maintain – and improve – your English.

  • When you join the English Fluency Club, you get THREE group lessons every month, where you can:

    – talk about everyday subjects and improve your conversation skills
    – learn new vocabulary
    – review grammar / pronunciation problems
    – practise speaking and fluency phrases
    – meet (and make) international friends
    – get my instant feedback and suggestions on your English
  • In addition, you also get my feedback on your speaking once a month. Send me a recording of your speaking, and I’ll send you my suggestions. It’s like personal coaching, but in less time!
  • You also get two personal lessons with me, to take at any time that you’re a member.
  • You also have exclusive access to the Fast Phrase Finder – an easy-to-use tool that shows you hundreds of fluency phrases with examples.
  • There are also exclusive tutorials and self-study fluency programs as an extra bonus!

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