Advanced English Grammar In 10 Steps: Get clear rules for accurate English.

Easy-to-remember tips and guidelines so you don’t have to memorise English rules and exceptions.
– reduce your learning time
– get more confident using English
– speak more ‘elegantly’ with extended sentences

The course gives you a thorough review AND the chance to ask as many questions as you need

10 Areas Of Grammar

Avoid common mistakes and speak with greater confidence and authority.
37 videos + 32 quizzes to help you master English grammar.

PLUS “Grammar Tutor”

Get your questions answered
The course is fully interactive. If you have a question, ask and I’ll answer with a tailored reply.
No more searching the internet and getting 10 different opinions!

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What my students say…

” Since joining the program, I have gained insight into how a variety of English grammar topics should be approached. Many of the lessons are real eye-openers for me; I have found new ways to truly understand intermediate to advanced English grammar in very short and sweet video lessons.”

— Eva, a student from Thailand

” The 10 Steps for Advanced English’ is a crystal clear advanced grammar course; it definitely helps us get a much better grasp of that very rich language!

Not only are there oral and written presentations plus quizzes but also you have the chance to write your questions and get quick answers from Clare at the end of each chapter, which makes the method really innovative, most agreeable and interactive!

— Fabienne, a student from France