Advanced English Pronunciation In 30 Days

Your pronunciation can be the biggest “fear” when you speak. Maybe you’re worried that people won’t understand you, or that you’ll make a mistake.

But with good, clear pronunciation, you can feel confident that people can understand you.

The good news is …

Pronunciation is physical. All you need to know is where to make the sound. We’re all able to improve our pronunciation – and I’ll show you how.

A personalised learning plan

Most problems with pronunciation happen because the sounds you need to make in English aren’t used in your first language. (Or they’re used differently!)

So in this pronunciation course, you can follow a plan that’s specifically designed for you. You get:

  • A special study plan showing you the sounds to focus on
  • Sound Charts which show you which sounds are difficult for you
  • Videos, explanations and practice phrases to help you develop your pronunciation
  • Individual feedback on how you pronounce sounds, words and phrases
  • Help with more advanced pronunciation, such as linking, stress and intonation

Fast results

Because the course is focussed on you and your first language, you should see improvements fast! It’s possible to get great results in 20-25 days – as long as you work on the most important sounds.

Discount for podcast listeners!

As a ‘thank you’ for your support of my podcast, I’d like to offer you a $50 discount on this course. Just type in FIFTY in the coupon code area at checkout to get this course for $49 (rather than the usual price of $99).

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